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emmaklettiere says:

The obvious singleton resistance is the soft squishy cottage cheese looking fat found in your problem areas howeverleptin resistance is just one two unique problems that kills female fat loss the second unique problem women face with lepton is that when dieting your lepton levels can drop twice as much and twice as fast compared to when men died as talked about when left and rocks your metabolism hits the brakes and flows right down this is exactly why you experience frustrating weight loss plateaus and It’s so much faster than men Lipo Skin and if you ever suffered from the terrible read down weight gain after you stop a diet well that's because you let them drop significantly making your metabolism even slower than before you start the diet resulting in that piling back on even when you’re eating next to nothing so to quickly recap unique problem number one you face when trying to lose weight is your resistance or insensitivity tholepin signal to burn fat which is basically like having yourbody's fat-burning switch set to of and unique problem number two you faces the rapid drop in your lepton levels when you die which slows down your metabolism substantially and leads the frustrating weight loss plateaus and massive rebound weekly not fun fact is evolution has made it much more difficult for women to lose weight by keeping lepton signal to burn fatdisconnected because the demand childbearing and child nurturing your body doesn't know or care about your Lipo Skin desires for sexy waist line that looks hot in the skinny jeans all it knows is the unattractive body fat you can provide stored energy and warmth to ensure protection and survival the next generation with this being the case guess what happens to your left in issues following pregnancy well they get a lot worse which is exactly why losing the baby weight can be painstakingly difficult as my sister Lisa knew all too well.

11:40 pm, Friday, July 11, 2014 (4 months ago)

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