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Know I think that who about forgot

annekouba says:

Got to think are already like all whether you I grip on it Island and RR I or did members of the public arm right ready there anything to Barbel you know I think that who about forgot more at akin a problem and I thought it might get white barn Inn and on it like are a probable are I think all proper pay haven't on my part well yeah I at Barnes I Romero and I had like a electric right whatever want to go with all the more I R in I get are you I or I think my heart you all that an at her where at thoughts on our an alright brought but people are trapped every bite back harder I line I R thing I'm hearing everything well are fearful about anything I don't go to court well I thought being on TV and in the end in question Michael foaled I'm it will help it think the moment I apartment with I amazing and I'm you know I love what you know and you know I like you’re wrong like or well of people there and I'll yeah I UK all you know I think the change in all we need her arm what pep talk a lot you know every four years alright right and then operetta or think that all part-time that our people.
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02:47 am, Friday, July 11, 2014 (4 months ago)

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