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You have questions but I got to tell

tinazhon says:

You have questions but I got to tell you is no you're fine we were or just at his school about six weeks ago because he was getting I you know bullied at his school and sowed went to his school and now they think Daniel school and so I in a way just knowing that his family’s is confident because my parents and their experience with me they were afraid to have a second charge just like my parents were free to have a second child at a stage and they've had an hour a baby girl in she’s got arms and legs in my brothers got on his legs and so it was just a joy to be able to see God workers such a beautiful way I so enjoyed your time being profiled onjohnnie in print yeah and is she incredible she is I room are you know the Minister John and friends you missing how its yes checking now yeah it is a incredible else well she’s incredible we had the opportunity with her on several occasions she's a wonderful lady it seems that the two have you have something in common and maybe as you share your testimony with other people.
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09:14 pm, Thursday, July 10, 2014 (4 months ago)

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10:06 pm (4 months ago)

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