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We change the standards and then

jacksdarn says:

We change the standards and then under facilities bring it by up to moved stuff so to speak right den mike they have the ability to have the reality is that they pass these and they have certain regulations and things they have to were kind of open it you know it's not like we're limiting where people have to assist you got you might for six months or a year but the rally is you're going to have more clinics open or even at this clinic they can open raise their standard said that they can reopen so it's not like that their options are diminishing because of that there so that Avery and it's being run like a business I mean it was kind of shocking me as I was looking at planned parenthood's website their marketing angle on having an abortion they really so over the unglue of it it's not like you’re looking at that every person's will be player and you know I mean it is the government is a business so yeah it is that kind of a business anything as a business so yeah of course they’re going to you know they're not going to so pictures twenty.
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02:55 am, Wednesday, July 09, 2014 (4 months ago)

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