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sofiakmilanesi says:

You know the I’m just going to go home any one time away well all that is getting stored as fat your body's really smart managers get this all up here Sunday so the other that problem is called yo-yo dieting you know the people they gain a lot of weight to lose a lot of waiting game a lot of weight to lose a lot of weight if you look at this draft this tell you why did that so the blue collar is your lean body weight the purple color is your fat so whenever you go on a diet you lose a little bit of both you can’t lose just that okay if they might tells you that they're crazy uh... you lose your muscles and you lose fat when they start repeating them at this point I mean if you start repeating you'll see uh... that you'll gain fact back uh... but you won't gain back as much of the lean body weight uh... so your body becomes an excellent excellent fat storing machine if you keep gaining weight losing weight anyway losing weight your body it has a protective.
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01:50 am, Wednesday, July 09, 2014 (3 months ago)
Rotemote says:

Students at Cooper magnet school for technology had visitors from the Virginia Peninsula Rotary Club come read to them as well with an apphis day we have readers from across the community sharing their time reading their favorite doctor Seuss books to our students in kindergarten first-and second-grade so please as I tell my family here Cooper elementary always curl up with a good book with your family every night Reading Is Fundamental it's important and it's a lifelong skills to make you super it's great to see staff and teachers go all out by dressing up as characters from doctor Susan’s books really makes reading fun for students speaking of going all out Tucker Capps fundamental elementary school has a club in which students are helping people indeed from all over the world without leaving the classroom the heifer club began nine years ago when students wanted to purchase a hello provide.
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02:34 am (3 months ago)

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