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We look at getting a cutting up

cynthiastewrrt says:

We look at getting a cutting up the video channel write code this is already back in 2008 when I first met David baby killer and here we have to check shower on cold cookie and a Master Sgt yeah Resilient Beauty Advanced Anti-Aging and then of Grey Cup coke or drawbridge shark I think because more people work for UN-American graduate made the made it off you program before you do where you hired as the announcer for that show was that your roller was a larger than that it hear how it went I where big for sponsorship into a joke so I was given a okay yeah choose shop everything from a nap I would bring in other people to work where I have cheer I happy by choice to at that time shared could get a location because threats to me do everything whereas upstream from my talks way it's much better to work with good people work with great people and you'll make could be much happier doing it you make much more money and I think the most important thing is you have drunk Cherokee with it such survey which I have my cake getaway with that concept but it was my critics get a bad thing but txt be started within six months day again when one step they got home we had channel on I dick cable networks throughout Europe fuck County my programs are still being shown on SR it's great received emails and confection people who were in Germany 378 watch the programming how they become inspired to start taking fishermen really that controversial side which is me at the personal achievement but it does get...

01:37 am, Tuesday, July 08, 2014 (4 months ago)

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