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graceleo599 says:

Turn it seems that I woke up the next day a different person because all over my knee interests have changed I love my desires have changed my whole view on life in the world had changed hands and everything changed within a within a few months I moved to New York I have been living in the west coast anthem I started having the strange spiritual experiences in one of theme fell I felt like God was telling me to move to New York so I picked up out of the blue pack my bags in got on the train came to New York and M very shortly after arriving in New York started having dreams and every night about.
I was on the wrong I was on the wrong road and finally somebody was saying to me now you got to keep a pen by your bed and try to write down the numbers so every night when it had the tree might wake up and try to write a few numbers and finally after about a week a train that I had something that looks like a phone number was a 516 number and 'me family one morning I get up the courage and I dialed the number and I said to the person.

09:58 pm, Sunday, June 29, 2014 (4 months ago)

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