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julianina403 says:

Devils inhale to take a person out at the loving arms have their mother other and I this morning Mr product my mother and her prayers and her righteousness that was live before me I they didn't always do everything right but they tried to live according to the Word of God shelved me I when I was immediate hand pain this min straight up he then my mother every day when I would come home that my been outdoing stuff I was posted a like a mother could love me kiss me talk to me said oh my bad and even when I was doing everything she did not make the dough her love for may never wavered never failed and ah that's how one way that I came to understand the love of God mister the level my mother it never failed me and I'm thankful for that this morning I could see her about o'clock today now pray this evening a sum up you’ve had a hard time this is the first year that your mother there's other families that have lost loved ones.

12:37 am, Saturday, June 28, 2014 (4 months ago)

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