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It was my heartiest wish to have a strong and lean body

dkirbylaura says:

He was violently agitated he took out his bottle whiskey and sworehe would drink the Damned jerks to death but he jerked at such arate he could not get the ball to his mouth though he tried hard at length hefetched a sudden jerk and the bottle struck a sapling and was broken topieces and spilled his whiskey on the ground there was a great crowd gathered aroundhim and when he lost his work whiskey he became very much in raged andcursed and swore very pro-family his jerk still increasing at length hefetched a very violent jerk snapped his neck cell and soonexpired with his mouth full of cursing and bitterness I was looked upon the jerks as ajudgment sent from God 1st you bring sinners to repentance and secondly to show professors that Maximum Shred Godcould work with or without means that he could work over and above means and do what so ever seen with him goodto the glory of His grace in the salvation of the world now what's in a modest little fellowshipwe have here Bible believers fellowship now how doyou respond to something like that very simple three for three wordsexactly chapter and verse ok God can use the the jerks to bringpeople to His glory chapter and verse well i've seen I'veseen them I hate I don't care what you've seen Idon't care what you've experienced in Tokyo care what you feel where's thatdescription well.

02:40 am, Friday, June 27, 2014 (4 months ago)

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