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emmaryan28 says:

I mean the overall perspective are reminder bodies and our souls you know prevention is such a key to a healthy lifestyle attacks probably most important part of a healthy lifestyle we can prevent many of these chronic illnesses that wasp from two has a position that you got to know this guy join us today we’ve got an exciting dock on the on the show today doctor Ron let computers with US Preventive Medicine US Preventive Medicine is a company that is really making great waves in terms of preventative health care and he's got some wonderful things total you about today that's going to be great and we got Dale Smith Thomas whose a motivational speaker and she's making a difference in men women kids around the world on choices and that’s exciting to hear you and they all topless and I’m ready go out carbon work ground I and with Darcy Lord that girl takes payload Kenny Mar on rail I wish I could buy unless the yeah but she's going to have some cool a healthy tips on some recipes.

01:10 am, Saturday, June 21, 2014 (5 months ago)

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