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lusaannalie says:

Maceration with you as always uh... and today's topic I want to talk about you know how to actually lose weight and as I said before proceeded right now really focusing on both of you who are at the beginning stage matters as your first time beginning order fiftieth time beginning there's something that you're learning each and every time doesn't matter you really failed when he completely you’ve got you know passed out of work I have mastered starting over so isn't right for that uh... so long as you approach as I haven't necessarily fields I found something that did not work and I had to start to rephrase my own experience souls and not get some down on myself so are going to have a good runs uh... well over a year with consistency and uh... I look at it as maybe now I’m finally ready because those are the times that when at that time a book called on failures in reading your failures they were.

01:13 am, Wednesday, June 11, 2014 (5 months ago)

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