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That nature where your flexing

ZadiaRain says:

That nature where your flexing the knees That’s where your training your hamstrings we got quad we got hamstrings now let’s talk about loops we're talking about gluts most people think get extension so again we're coming back to those big deadlifting variations in That sort of thing That’s where you're gonna load those hips up he comes back in CC stretching That pollute out stretching the good outing this way and then finishing upped also using lube man's map if you go ahead Face am performing if you think about us split stance exercise or something like a launcher anytime Craig’s on one leg That we're using those small glut muscles gluten mediums luminance That’s going to help control your hip in your five position so That your nice to control anytime you go from two legs to one leg or from two legs to a split stance you got to create stability on your own this is not only an attack your gluts but it's also gonna texture add up here’s we talked a little bit about the ad occurs early on but those at occurs at their for stability and controlled one exception your character Magnus is a really big muscle you recall runs from your pubis comes all the way down attached to the inner thigh and even the lower leg at after magnets work That they have extensive so he comes down he's actually stretching.

02:57 am, Saturday, May 31, 2014 (5 months ago)

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