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I do something different

ShaynaWatson says:

I do something different to get invited by I a great day I I'll figure out where this wee the r ago got a little sidetracked at the start but I'll so we didn’t get the first couple sites recorded by will be did get a puppet recorded this I believe it will get at you thanks everyone go out there get your sights setup at let's move this country forward thanks everybody what actually hello this is doctor Kerry and thank you for joining us this evening by the women are I know that people will continue to join but we'd like to get started on time so here we are I’m glad it covered some basic detoxification protocols today which worked for skincare cholesterol on baggies an inclination and utilities protocols I’m getting some very basic protocols that work in eighty five to ninety percent of the patients that we see the red’s always modifications that we sometimes makes based upon individual variations but I can tell you that your basic enough that you know any and any of you in this field obviously knows that the red’s so many different things you can do pretty talks occasion I think it becomes quite clear that the red’s many different ways to do the same thing we've been using this method for about the last seven years so we have a reasonable idea that most patients are able to doing a great number of our patients go through this that this is not something that we use in a small number our patients but in a very large percentage of our patients and get a majority of those patients area the top follow these protocols the ire when.

06:53 am, Friday, May 30, 2014 (4 months ago)
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