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Getting Flat Belly In Days

sharonrivera37 says:

Night okay I'll when it was only a hot ha and the smile the relaxed stress reduction socialization factor there okay a socialist nice interaction how often do people are you in a hot tub a very often because the relaxed they're mostly decompress okay it's faun place today really s okay on cardiac benefits okay you basically want whenever you work at your heart kind of gets stretched okay it's a muscle to get work okay well that happens when your heart up hard to start being faster get stressed okay um when you're not up there is you know you’re relaxing there's an increased effort up the hard it hardest Safer Colon will that work ethic is increased effort got to be good for the heart okay so not pound the pavement nuts when you're not with the way the heart doesn't know what it's doing hard to say got to move got to move got to go okay the arms like they know where it's going but not the heart okay the heart pace we get to work out.

06:33 am, Saturday, May 10, 2014 (5 months ago)

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