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wangw14 says:

Currently 9th in FIFA World Rankings, the soccer jerseys are drawn in group D for the 2014 World Cup alongside England, Uruguay, and Costa Rica in a quasi-group of death, both proverbially and verily as far as the high-flying Uruguayans and desultory England are concerned. Chances of upsets and fluky results loom large on the horizon. It's a group that is likely to produce surprising results, as far as the quest for progression into the second round of knockouts is concerned, but could also end up being an easy group, with tactics and team mentalities in the frays.Italy will be counting on three key players for results: the talisman Andrea Pirlo, the most capped player/goalkeeper brazil shirt Buffon, and the 23-year old Mario Balotelli.

The 34 years old veteran and influential midfielder Andrea copy football shirts is not only a pivotman, but also a linchpin of the Italian national team. In my opinion, he's the most intelligent soccer player today with an imposing and threatening presence in the midfield. His poise, composure and experience on the pitch are spectacles to behold; lacking comparatives. It's not surprising that the manager of England national team, Roy Hodgson, was also full of admonishments last week, "We have respect for everyone but if I have to give a name, I say Pirlo. In the last ten years, he has made Italy play. I had him three months at Inter and he has had an incredible career," Hodgson was quoted in FIFA.com when speaking to Italian TV on the threat of the Italian strikers to England. Gianluigi Buffon, with 139 black brazil for the Italian national team, needs little description. He's the most capped Italian player, a team captain, and with a huge experience in goalkeeping.

The talented, but sadly short-fused Mario Balotelli, is a wonderful brazil fans jersey of a changing fa├žade of Italian soccer. If there is one thing that Mario brazil fans jersey could learn, of which he seems to be learning fast as he matures, is the control of his temper and avoidance of making a spectacle of himself on the pitch; sore spots that opposition teams have come to capitalize on in recent years. There is no doubt that his massive talents on the brasil will be components to reckon with as the Azzuris will be wrapped in the dream of their fifth trophy in history.

11:22 pm, Monday, April 21, 2014 (6 months ago)

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