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Modified Network skin

wolverine15369 says:

Heyy guys, i was looking to find some help with my rainmeter, i was the network tab to display the data usage that has been going on, until the point i reset it or restart the comp, is there any modification that i can do to achieve that??

01:48 pm, Monday, February 10, 2014 (10 months ago)
canuckken says:

What skin are you using? Are you looking for total data usage during uptime or just speeds?

11:25 pm (10 months ago)

i am using the default skin.

I am looking for data usage during the time the app is running

03:26 am (10 months ago)
canuckken says:

I do not use rainmeter much anymore so I do not know the answer but eventually someone will enter the conversation that can probably help you out.

08:37 pm (9 months ago)

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