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Spammer Report

Seahorse says:

From my Inbox:


hello - hello Nice to meet you, My name is Miss.jessica...
4 days

The text is badly translated nonsense about exchanging pictures and email address, please purge their account.

12:58 am, Saturday, November 19, 2011 (2 years ago)
mccfrank says:

It's amazing how much spam this place tolerates.

06:32 pm (2 years ago)
canuckken says:

I am a mod and I agree with you. I am tired of deleting it and I know a lot gets missed by myself. I work a full time job so there is only so much time I can give to the site.
I have emailed support and I do not get a response. Makes me feel like why I should even bother with this site anymore. As a mod I cannot delete groups, only the comments posted to a group. There is no IP blocking for the worst offenders and there is not effective upload monitoring to prevent infected files. Yes I know I am bitching. I could ignore it and go on with the way things are but I am just about at my limit.

08:20 pm (2 years ago)
canuckken says:

Seahorse please post a direct link to spammers accounts. Entering a name in the search box does not work so a link to the account will make it easier for mods to delete it.

06:11 am (2 years ago)
eXpander_ says:

I have always wonder whom or what delete the spam that occur many times on my comments. Is that you canuckken? Then you do a very good job!

I think that if everyone has the option to delete their own comments, it would be an effective way to delete those spam that occur there. I think it is much easier than implementing complex monitoring functions and things like that.

06:29 pm (2 years ago)
canuckken says:

@ eXpander. Thanks for your comment. I do my best but I am really not sure for how much longer. Deleting it is not the answer and I am tired of it to be honest. As far as having the ability to delete comments on your own submissions I do not think that will ever happen. I think admins feel that people would take advantage of that and delete comments just because they may not agree with them. For example a constructive critique.

10:19 pm (2 years ago)
eXpander_ says:

That may be right (I am not one of them though, that just delete critique comments like that), but, is it not better to enable that option than letting guys like you deleting posts manually on your free time?

04:25 am (2 years ago)
eXpander_ says:

Or, what about implementing a confirmation code, like type down input word from an image before posting, that would at least prevent spam comments 99.99 % automatically I believe.

04:37 am (2 years ago)
JuiceJunky says:

I wish there was an option to report a spammer profile, that way it can be cut right to the source...

09:45 am (2 years ago)
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