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Customizing Classic Windows Start Menu

Pikitori says:

I have searched high and low across the internet via Google and different websites for the answer to this question, rephrasing it as many times possible and even downloading programs I thought may help.

However. Nothing has worked.

I either tend to find things that end up being either too simple (such as how to change the color of the taskbar or installing themes) or too complex (such as hacking and crazy weird setups). I don't need all of this nonsense because my question and needs (to me) seem relatively simple. So it's come to this and I desperately need someone's help. Someone who understands my dilemma.

I am not new to computers and LOVE customization. However... I love using Windows Classic themes and enjoy changing the colors, wallpapers and icons.

Therefore, out of curiousity, I wondered if I could change my start menu. I found millions of varieties for themes to install for Vista and XP. However... I was looking for something just to add accents to my Windows Classic color schemes.

I've found a simple little website (unfortunately in a foreign language) which allows me download "skins" for my Windows computer. It comes in the form of a ZIP and once unzipped it simply comes with a "thank you for downloading" note and then 5 bitmap images of unique looking START buttons and then 3 bitmap images for the start menu "side bar". Before downloading it gives you the option to VIEW what this should look like if installed properly.

View Image of Side Bar & Button Installed:

View Image of Side Bar/ Button Options:

Now if there are any intructions, it would be impossible for me to read them for they are in a foreign language (although other than the "thank you note" which was in English, it came with no instructions). I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this but unfortunate because I cannot figure out how to INSTALL them!! Please... someone help! Is there anyway that I can put in a "side bar" and "button" into my start menu? Two simple little accents that would change the look of my entire theme.

Thank you so much and sorry for the long read but I wanted to make sure whoever read this knew exactly what I needed.

IMPORTANT EDIT: I have Windows VIsta.

05:46 pm, Sunday, December 06, 2009 (8 years ago)

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