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Noobish question - HELP!


I'm new to this whole thing and I'm not very good with computers.
I'm trying to download a clock for my wallpapaer, I already have the program Rainmeter but it won't let me open a file, it keeps telling me I need to use something to open it.

Al help is appreciated and again, I know this is a stupid question.

10:02 pm, Sunday, November 08, 2009 (8 years ago)
Mascini says:

Put it in your skins folder (My documents/rainmeter/skins). Restart/refresh rainmeter, rightclick on any of your working configs (or start one using the Enigma interface), click on configs, then the name of the folder you put it in and then the config you want.

05:05 pm (8 years ago)
ACETAZ13 says:

I have a noobish question aswell.
I am ttrying to get a logon screen, I have logon loader but it won't open the one I wan't.
What do I do?

05:37 pm (8 years ago)

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