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visual style failed to load

youngdlb says:

when i double click the msstyles folder and go to apply the new theme it tells me visual styles could not be loaded because the file failed to load.

05:10 pm, Saturday, February 21, 2009 (8 years ago)
puterhead says:

I am assuming you are referring to a visual style you were editing. I had this happen several times in my initial trial and error period a few weeks ago. I found 2 different causes. The easiest was a mistake I made when editing the colors in the originally titled normalblue_ini file. That's the huge file which has to be saved as a binary file, then edited with a hex editor. If the file contains any invalid RGB colors, you will get that message. If the file is corrupt because you added spaces in the text, you will get the message. (In the hex editor, you will see spaces between each character. Although they look like spaces, they apparently aren't. Whenever adding spaces in the file, I had to copy and paste an existing space from the file for it to work.) The other cause, which took forever for me to figure out, was by my own methods. When making changes to the msstyles file using the free program Reshacker, I was closing the program immediately after saving my work. When loading the file the next time, the String Table and Version Info scripts could not be read by Reshacker. After saving it again, the theme no longer worked, and I got the message you mentioned. To prevent this in the future, I started waiting 5 seconds after saving with Reshacker before loading another file or closing the program. I also made it a practice to reload the file and check the last item on the list to make sure the file was still good. I had no more problems after that. There are 2 other things now that I think about it. There are certain bitmaps that you can't change in the shellstyle file. If you do, it won't work anymore. Also, if you remove the tabitem133 bitmaps from the original xp theme file, it will cease to operate. (Don't ask me why.) If my initial assumption was incorrect, pardon my rambling.

11:37 pm (8 years ago)

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