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AVS Collectors

yathosho says:

avs, the visualization plugin for winamp, is surely dying a slow death. deviantart has lost a huge amount of avs submissions, and so did deskmod when it went down. well i'm trying to collect as many packs as possible, at least from "respectable" artists. there are a lot missing, so i'm now looking for people who can help, though i have very low expectations.

there have been over 4000 submissions to the avs category on deviantart, unfortunately not many artists also uploaded to other sites such as customize! it's very hard to say what's exactly missing, hence the MIA list is very short at the moment:

-"Anotherversion Deux" by anotherversion
-"Anotherversion reloads" by anotherversion
-"Anotherversion v1" by anotherversion
-"Deviant Blend 4" by l0tus (db4-setup.exe)
-"Dusk" by pixelcraft
-"IKEA 2" by yathosho
-"incipience" by amphirion
-"Possession by the Deviant" by evilrice (PossessionByTheDeviant.exe)
-"re-volution" by anotherversion
-"Super StyleZ" by dAsn00b
-"the crossbreeds" by yathosho (DeskMod only pack)
-"The Crossing" by pixelcraft
-"the netherlands minipack" by skupers
-"versus-03" by yathosho
-"versus-04" by yathosho
-"versus-05" by yathosho
-"versus sx" by skupers

if you think that you have a very huge collection yourself, don't hesitate to contact me anyways. original installers are prefered, but in days like these, anything is good enough - i just don't think it makes sense to collect single presets.

05:46 pm, Friday, October 17, 2008 (6 years ago)
rolin says:

I think i can help u

03:08 pm (6 years ago)
yathosho says:

a lot of those could be retrieved in the meantime, the following packs are still missing

-"IKEA 2" by yathosho
-"the crossbreeds" by yathosho (DeskMod only pack)
-"versus-03" by yathosho

if you (still) can help, please send me a private message!

06:33 pm (6 years ago)

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