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Trouble with Winamp Controls (Rainmeter)

nezumi414 says:

Alright. I'm new here (actually I've been coming here for a while just this is the first time I made an account), and I have a question.

I downloaded the HUD skin for rainmeter, you'll basically find it ont he front page. I did everything it said to instal, I have the latest version of winamp (maybe that itself is the problem), but the winamp controls on the rainmeter skin doesn't do anything.

It shows the song title, but the numbers in the corner are all 0s, and the play, pause, back, forwards, and stop buttons don't work. Does anyone have informationt hat could help me? Like a plugin that I"m missing for winamp/rainmeter, or that the HUD rainmeter skin is just not compatable with the newest winamp.

Thank you in advance.

01:17 am, Wednesday, October 08, 2008 (8 years ago)
AJKock says:

I am using Rainmeter (0.14) - HUD.Vision_by_Jiri_Mahel_v1.4 and WinAmp 5.541 and it is working fine.

I think some music formats cannot be read with Rainmeter, but I might be mistaken.

09:01 am (8 years ago)

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