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right vs left brain

SunMoonStar says:

i know the girl is hot but
clockwise or counterclockwise?

06:17 am, Wednesday, October 10, 2007 (10 years ago)
SunMoonStar says:

- clockwise

06:25 am (10 years ago)
excess says:

The first time I saw this (was on Digg a few months ago) I spent about ten minutes looking at it, and figured out how to change the direction at will.
I found that looking at a spot that doesn't move much (i.e. the leg not pointed outwards) and blinking works. You might need to do it a few times, or keep changing the spot you're looking at, but it should do it eventually.

I saw clockwise first, and then changed it to anti.

06:52 am (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Yeah this was linked to me a while back, and I can change the direction too. But at first it's clockwise.

07:02 am (10 years ago)
SunMoonStar says:

i showed it to my gf and she got so mad because she couldn't see it go counter haha
I can change the direction by blinking but sometimes I can't until after a few tries, strange

07:11 am (10 years ago)
form says:

Do this, and more than likely, the animation will change direction every time: Place your hand on the monitor, or very close to it, with your fingers (at the tips) about a 1/4 inch apart, to where you can see the dancer through them but not completely. Every time you put your hand up, then remove it, you should see the dancer spinning in the opposite direction.

Works for me.

07:14 am (10 years ago)
form says:

This only reason this tricks your brain is because there is no shading, lighting or texture on the model, therefore there is no way for the human brain to register the movement by depth perception. This is when either the left or the right side of the brain decides to take over and make a wild guess.

With some people, the left and right side of the brain will literally fight over which will comprehend this trickery and thats why sometimes you see it one way, and sometimes the other.

07:22 am (10 years ago)
form says:

If you look at the dancer, you'll notice that spinning clockwise, her position looks natural for that direction. When she seems to be spinning counter-clockwise, you'll notice that her body positioning (arms especially) look unnatural, like shes spinning backwards.

What causes you to think shes spinning clockwise is naturally the position of her arms. What causes you to think shes spinning counter-clockwise is when you notice the shadow is always spinning counter-clockwise, and that it doesn't quite fit the clockwise motion.

So the trick here is to design a model that looks natural spinning one direction (clockwise) and your right brain calculates this, but putting an element such as her shadow that spins in the opposite direction of what her natural pose represents, then causes your left brain to kick in because it seems to be the logical thing to do regardless of her pose.

07:38 am (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Heh, I only changed the direction like once. As it is it took quite a while to get it to work. I had gotten bored and given up a few times before it changed, and after it did I gave up on changing it again.

However the boys that linked it were amused for an extremely long time. Tell her to try again, and be patient. I'm betting everyone can change the directions.

08:37 am (10 years ago)
qslig says:

well, if you focus enough you can change direction pretty easily. first time i looked at it it was clockwise, then counterclockwise with some focusing :)

btw, these things are funny, anyone got more similar stuff?

09:34 am (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Yeah now I can change the direction really fast and easily.

10:05 am (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

haha thats pretty cool
first clockwise but I could switch the direction pretty easily by looking from a bit more a distance or looking a way for a sec

11:15 am (10 years ago)
Scfce says:

me too
now i can change it whenever i want to

12:36 pm (10 years ago)
Nunch says:

that was pretty cool.
At first I saw it going counter, but now every time I visit the page, it's going clockwise.

03:33 pm (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

she spins clockwise.

04:35 pm (10 years ago)
uac marine says:

I can't get her to spin counterclockwise.. clockwise looks so natural.

04:54 pm (10 years ago)
plain-doh says:

I got clockwise... right-brainer. It hurt my head to see the transition to counter, but the transition back was comfortable. But I've always been tested as a left or half-n-half...

07:59 pm (10 years ago)
egolatra says:

you can do both

do this: make some math (simple if you want like 2+58, 49-13) then you will watch it counter clockwise

then take a pencil and a paper and do some sketches, don't force yourself just do whatever your imagination is able to do in that moment (a house, some circles, a sun, etc) and you will see the image clockwise.

08:45 pm (10 years ago)
plain-doh says:

oh god, she's randomly switching now :O

10:08 pm (10 years ago)
SunMoonStar says:

wut did i start here :o

12:40 am (10 years ago)
m1n1mal says:


02:32 am (10 years ago)
Aphaits says:

counter-clockwise... dammit, I'm getting more and more logical and boring...
need some creativity juices flowing :P

06:47 am (10 years ago)
plain-doh says:

Eat some cheese. That always makes me feel good ;)

07:45 pm (10 years ago)
Frankenstein says:

@plain-doh: LOL

Clockwise naturally and couldn't change very easily at will without pausing the clip.

09:04 pm (10 years ago)

I started clockwise. I tried to get it to switch by covering most of the image save the side. It didn't work at first, that is, until I tried the other side. Then I could switch it at will. Crazy. I love stuff like this.

You can see the as it is just a .gif file.

05:14 pm (10 years ago)
bitchville says:

I see both, weird.

Clockwise, the the other, clockwise then the other.

11:23 am (10 years ago)
eXAKR says:

Odd - on first glance, I saw it as anti-clockwise, which means I use my right brain more. But I'm a right-hander here, which should mean I use my left brain more if I remember correctly...

02:00 pm (10 years ago)
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