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10 years ago

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The Color Three Updates

j3_concepts says:

Messing with some ideas over at for the new label.
Let me know what you think so far.
The label (The Color Three) will be on hold for awhile, the arrangement I had with the company I was dealing with, didn't quite pan out. I'm currently in discussion with another solution.
Working with Kngzero on the label now, so I'm sure between the 2 of us we can get things rolling again. I'll keep you updated once I know more.

09:40 pm, Tuesday, July 24, 2007 (10 years ago)
Thomax says:

looks very nice so far man!

09:58 pm (10 years ago)
tazio72 says:

Looking nice although I feel in that header you need a site title

11:53 pm (10 years ago)
PuNk NiRvAnA says:

thats really cool dude ! :D

03:33 pm (10 years ago)

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