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new mockup (after long absence)

synaesthesia says:

It's been more than a year since I posted a screenshot @ custo. I even missed the SS'07 contest. Since I dont have internet at home at the moment, i decided to start custo'ing again. After using Vista for a while (damn it sux), I switched back to XP.
The last week i'v been doing some modding etc, and this is the current result;

everything is inspired on akka's visual style named "reuben"

litestep -> elemental mod by me
winamp -> nano/gsm/reuben remix
wall -> simple gradient by me

working on hacks, firefox, icons atm..

tell me what u think?



10:13 am, Monday, May 07, 2007 (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Quite the nice Reuben mod. I like the minimal Winamp best of what I've seen so far.

And yes...Vista...sucks...badly...I'm forced to use it.

10:19 am (10 years ago)
vsm says:

I like it... a great mod of reuben, would be a color mod, I would love to see the brown color replaced for a green one.

10:21 am (10 years ago)
aakio says:

Like i said on MSN Wesley, great mockup!

And it would be so sweet to see a new setup from you as i always like yours very much!

12:00 pm (10 years ago)
antimatter says:

I think it looks rather nice. The only suggestions I have, subtle though they may be, would be to offset the taskbar a few pixels from the top, since you've done so on either side; a little symmetry, I guess. Also, on the Litestep popup (and, I can only assume, the VS that would follow), it would probably look better if you condense the titlebar a few pixels, since there presumably won't be any text there.Other than that, bang-up job. I'm definitely looking forward to this.

12:56 pm (10 years ago)
synaesthesia says:

thinner taskbar, no offset

ps nitzua, gonna mod the vs, caption bar of the vs wont have the gradient!

06:40 pm (10 years ago)
aakio says:

yes, great improvement on the taskbar!

06:04 am (10 years ago)
ambulance says:

looks like aesthetic groove more than a reuben mod to me.

06:58 am (10 years ago)
surject says:

well it maybe looks like agroove, but no gfx where used from that visual style :)

07:01 am (10 years ago)
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