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Photoshop crop curved shape

Avalon.Mn says:

How can I crop a curved shape from an image? I tried to google it, but all I found is the pen tool tutorials, but I couldnt do with that. I always got a filled vector mask. Pls give me some hint, or tutorial.

Thanks in advance.

05:56 am, Saturday, April 15, 2006 (10 years ago)
dive says:

in the "Layers" window, click the "Paths" take new to it. Then click the "New Path" button on the bottom of that window, select the pen tool and start tracing the shape you're trying to extract from the image. Once you've completed the path, right click it and select "Make Selection". Then simply do your cutting and your pasting.

soku ` dive

10:04 am (10 years ago)
Avalon.Mn says:

Path? I can't find in Layers window.

Now I did this: Used the pen tool, I made the shape I wanted my photo looks like, and then inverted the selection, deleted the shape I created with the pen tool, so only the selection left. And then, I deleted the selection. IS it OK? I didnt use any path, and make selection.

02:45 am (10 years ago)
dephunked says:

If the results were what you wanted, then yes it is ok. There are many ways to achieve effects in Photoshop, and the fun is in working it out yourself.

06:22 am (10 years ago)

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