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Discussion about foobar2000, the audio player for Windows.

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CoRnsilk 25.11.2014
by macarych
ZetroMix by Raf
by ralphiiiii
CleanUi Fixed & Updated
by Dramscus
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Anyone know where I can find this theme? CorruptPanda CorruptPanda 4 4 years ago
How do I install Liquorice on miemens miemens 2 4 years ago
Foobar2000 Skins frostbite_ Anavolver Anavolver 1 5 years ago
Foobar MCV + other issues. jH jH 2 6 years ago
Foobar help igor420 igor420 5 6 years ago
Customizing Foobar abyssal abyssal 27 7 years ago
pui always on top ? amaeli amaeli 1 7 years ago
Foobar - widths, heights and coordinates Frankenstein Frankenstein 5 7 years ago
Image tile as Foobar background Frankenstein Frankenstein 1 7 years ago
foo_uie_wsh_panel again.. Blade-Bunny Blade-Bunny 1 7 years ago
Scrollbar in foobar Frankenstein Frankenstein 2 7 years ago
New with foobar.. Diabolicum Diabolicum 4 7 years ago
Foobar2000 vs. Winamp. Preference Frankenstein Frankenstein 23 7 years ago
cant understand the readme of Chiral thecharacter thecharacter -1 7 years ago
foo_uie_wsh_panel.dll ???? tazio72 tazio72 6 7 years ago

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