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GNOME Icons / Crystal for GNOME - Crystal SVG Icons

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Artist's Note

Created by many members of LinuxCult () and the Crystal for Gnome project. These members are:

Tehmiller (original porter), Panic_69 (helper), Exdaix (current porter), Chromakode (programmer of the misgnomer icon conversion script), and spacejunk (GTK porter).

This is a full icon theme, covering everything from the icons in Nautilus, the Gnome Menu, the Desktop, the right-click menu, and more.

This theme was created using the Crystal SVG icons by Everaldo () and were used with permission.

Visit for more timely updates, themes, and information.

Comments (10)


cool, very nice set of icons.

Sun, Apr 25th at 01:33am (13 years ago)
Dokt says:

One of my favourite icon sets of all time.

Wed, May 5th at 11:22am (13 years ago)
ganlu says:

Good news, then we can take all advantage of SVG format, Thank you for your excellent work. Or could you give any how-to articles about convertion from PNG to SVG. The last question: I can't download your kids icon theme because Cutomize.org gives me a message said: Sorry, the skin (ID: 33355) was not found. Could you check this out?

Thu, May 6th at 11:23pm (13 years ago)

Yes, unfortunately Crystal SVG is not in SVG format, the name denotes the move to SVG source files (as opposed to adobe illustrator I think). I don't think KDE supports SVG well enough yet for Crystal SVG to be SVG. The SVGs are there though, I think Exdaix may be working on a fully SVG set for Gnome.

Sat, May 8th at 11:09am (13 years ago)
Exdaix says:

ganlu: That link on our site has been fixed. And as Chromakode explained, the name SVG just means the icons are created as SVGs, but the creator of the icons, Everaldo, has only released them as PNGs due to KDe not having full support for SVG yet.

eclipxe13: I've known about that for a while, but have been to lazy to fix it. I'll try to fix it for the immenent release of 1.3.0 by me soon.

Sun, May 16th at 08:06am (13 years ago)
Gehost says:

Superb!!! Nearly like Mac OS X !

Mon, May 24th at 02:07pm (13 years ago)
eclipxe13 says:

Hello, Very great work here.

I found 1 little problems:

I allways recieve this message:
Gtk-WARNING **: Theme directory of theme CfG-Crystal-SVG-1.2.0 has no size field.

If I use any other icon ser everything works fine, but this make the errors, what can I do for correct this issue ?


Sun, Jun 20th at 10:07pm (13 years ago)
Schika says:

verry nice icon set.

Thu, Dec 30th at 07:50pm (12 years ago)

this is the best icon package that i have ever seen
brilliant man
but i wanna ask a question,how can i apply them to my computer??

Thu, Nov 10th at 02:36am (11 years ago)
kevster says:

i need that ya

Mon, May 29th at 07:52am (11 years ago)

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Created by Exdaix
on April 24th, 2004


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