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A GNU/Linux GDM Theme, made for all of you crazy Linux users out there....


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code13 says:

That's hot. I'd use it if I used the GUI login.

Mon, Jun 14th at 08:26am (13 years ago)
Petrucci says:

It is awesome. Best GDM theme I've seen.

Mon, Jun 14th at 03:56pm (13 years ago)

Sweet, I run a dual OS and trying to bring linux up to XP so it looks better and runs better and this is awesome.

Sat, Mar 26th at 03:25pm (12 years ago)
rzepak says:


Thu, Mar 2nd at 01:15am (11 years ago)

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Fri, Jan 22nd at 04:41am (2 years ago)

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Created by systemx
on June 13th, 2004


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