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Name: enrique 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 19 years
Member since: August 6th, 1998

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gem24 has posted 4 reviews.

Geis by Ryan M. Geiss
my girlfriend wasn't too impressed,so i broke up with her!!!
Posted 47 years ago.
Water Games by Maxim Perminov
im impressed,yes,im impressed
Posted 47 years ago.
NuWorks Speakers by Stiilhard
I can't place a finger on what's lackin (little labels on the speakers,cough,better compatibility with other skins,cough cough) overall very nice and...
Posted 47 years ago.
Mechanical Mien by new model
not eyegouging though it seems to lack a bit of substanse (or maybe it's my desire to see more of jennifer lopez) overall a definite dload worth the w...
Posted 47 years ago.

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