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Artist's Note

simple but very usefull foobar2000 theme.
Lots of stuff to easily handle a big music database...

All inclusive package... installation instructions included !!!

components used:
foobar2000 core 1.1.1
foo_albumlist.dll Album List 4.5

additional components:

foo_bookmarks.dll Bookmarks
foo_dop.dll iPod manager
foo_fileops.dll File Operations 2.1.3
foo_freedb2.dll freedb Tagger 0.6.2
foo_input_alac.dll ALAC Decoder 1.0.6
foo_input_monkey.dll Monkey's Audio Decoder 2.1.4

foo_playcount.dll Playback Statistics 3.0.1
foo_queuecontents.dll Queue Contents Editor 0.3.9
foo_quicktag.dll Quick Tagger 1.0.3
foo_run.dll Run services 0.3.7
foo_touchremote.dll iPhone/iPod Touch Remote support
foo_ui_columns.dll Columns UI
foo_uie_albumart.dll Album Art Panel
foo_uie_albumlist.dll Album list panel 0.3.5
foo_uie_lyrics.dll Lyric Show Panel
foo_uie_playlists_dropdown.dll Playlists Dropdown 0.7.6
foo_uie_quicksearch.dll Quick Search Toolbar 2.8l
foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum.dll Channel Spectrum panel 0.17.2

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (5)

Leob says:

This Lay-out can not be imported because 'history' panel is not installed apparently. How do I fix this?

Wed, Feb 2nd at 11:14am (6 years ago)
Leob says:

nvm, it was the navigator or so i had to install

Thu, Feb 3rd at 02:28am (6 years ago)
dontpanic says:

Hi, I like skin its *almost* exactly what I need. I have (what I think is) quite a large music collection (3Tb).

The only thing it doesn't have is a library view, to simply browse by hard disk directory. Would be easy to replace one of the TABS next to Album list, such as history, with a library view TAB? or would it be hard to add it? I'm not a skin programmer so I would appreciate some simple instructions, if thats all possible.

Thanks very much :)

Sun, Jul 1st at 10:39pm (5 years ago)

Followed your installation instructions (Windows 7) and nothing whatsoever about Foobar2000 V1.1.18 changed, even in preferences. Is there an implicit step 5?

I really want this skin.

Thu, Feb 28th at 03:32pm (4 years ago)

Or maybe an implicit step 0?

Fri, Mar 1st at 10:02pm (4 years ago)

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Created by dave_se_wave
on December 10th, 2010


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