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Artist's Note

Works with foobar up to only, NOT higher.
1. Just choose foobar2000 directory when installer asks
2. Open foobar, choose PanelsUI user interface,
3. Go to menu>File>Preferences, in left menu go to Display>PanelsUI. In "Layout" choose one of 5 color themes or vista only.
If you feel low performance in albums panel, go to playlist, and turn off transparent background of each spectrum analyzers (right click on each analyzer>Configure)
For albums settings, go to Display>Chronflow in foobar Preferences.
Enjoy the skin!

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Looks awesome.
Please... how do I install it ???

Wed, Aug 27th at 09:56pm (9 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

Hi,cmartins1963: to install this skin you have to:
1. Download and install foobar2000 v0.9.4.5
2. Open downloaded skin file with winrar program
3. Extract components and PanelsUI folders to foobar2000 main directory
(c/program files/foobar2000)
4. Extract font included in file to c/windows/fonts
5. Open foobar2000, choose PanelsUI user interface,
go to menu>file>preferences, in left menu go to display>panelsUI.
In "Layout" choose foo_DarkSide.pui
6. Enjoy :]

Thu, Aug 28th at 02:46am (9 years ago)

It's not working with Foobar2000 9.5.5.
Any hint.

Thu, Aug 28th at 02:09pm (9 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

Yes, it works with version not higher.

Thu, Aug 28th at 04:50pm (9 years ago)

Snif, snif.

Thu, Aug 28th at 08:42pm (9 years ago)

Snif, snif
Unfortnatly it's impossible to find the version anymore

Thu, Aug 28th at 08:45pm (9 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

You can find older versions here for example

Fri, Aug 29th at 04:46am (9 years ago)
Merciless says:

Under artist notes it says to use foobar v0.9.5.2 not higher but in your installation instructions it says foobar2000 v0.9.4.5 ...can i use 9.5.2? or do i have to use 9.4.5? Awesome skin by the way ..I have the newest version of foobar but like the skin so much am going to uninstall and install the version needed...

Sun, Oct 19th at 04:20am (9 years ago)
fijosh says:

Hi, iam using foobar v, skin is working ok, but i have one issue with it - when i want to resize the window, it kinda screws up - the part with controls etc. doesn't move with the window, so it ends up "hidden behind" the playlist.. :( I'd like the playlist to be larger, so i can see more than 6 items there.. Any ideas?

Tue, Oct 21st at 08:37am (9 years ago)
ColtSAA says:

Hey, your skin looks awesome but I have a little problem with the albums - I can't see any covers there, only loading.png what am I suppose to do?

Thu, Dec 4th at 12:29pm (9 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

Thanks for kind words ColtSAA :) All you have to do is add folders (can be main folder) with your music to media library. In main foobar preferences go to 'media library'. Add folders to Music Folders, scan them and restart foobar. Remember that you should have album cover in each folder and named folder with .jpg extension.

Thu, Dec 4th at 02:33pm (9 years ago)
ColtSAA says:

Thanks/Dzięki teraz działa!

Thu, Dec 4th at 04:25pm (9 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

OK. Nie ma za co. Pozdrawiam.

Fri, Dec 5th at 08:54am (9 years ago)
Khazek says:

TexLoader: Can't set PixelFormat
foo_chronflow - ImgTexture Leak:16

These two errors popps thousands of times after starting foobar. What can I do? ;)
Got foobarm all needed plugins, with other skins - works great, but here.. well..
Mayby its cause I work on XP?

Thu, Dec 11th at 04:13pm (9 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

Khazek: I think that's because you use Omega or old video drivers. Install latest original drivers.That should resolve the problem I hope.

Thu, Dec 11th at 06:45pm (9 years ago)

Hi, I got "Not Responding" each time I try to run the installer. Could you help me please ?
PS: there's no other programs running

Fri, Mar 13th at 02:27pm (8 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

metalism187: I don't really know. Everything works fine on my computer.

Mon, Mar 16th at 03:49pm (8 years ago)
Aquilegia says:

Hello, to me the screen that displays all the cover makes me see why the white background? I see from your screenshot that the background remains black, as you did?

Mon, May 18th at 08:48am (8 years ago)
TDub74 says:

Avast says this is a virus

Wed, Mar 3rd at 08:17pm (7 years ago)
weirdo2 says:

All dll files that installer contains are foobar plugins.

Sun, Mar 14th at 02:53pm (7 years ago)
hirmuli says:


norton found 2 or 3 trojans

Wed, Aug 25th at 02:39pm (7 years ago)
mcaay says:

Już dawno tak się nie zażenowałem, nie mam pojęcia co zrobić żeby to zadziałało, zainstalowałem wszystko do folderu z foobarem ustawiłem ten panel UI ale nie mam pojęcia gdzie się ustawia ten 'layout', tzn znalazłem w menu>view>panelsUI>sort group-by to ale tam nie ma tego o czym mówisz, a w preferencjach też nie ma czegoś takiego. Mam nadzieję że wchodzisz tu jeszcze albo że wyskoczy Ci jakieś powiadomienie że ktoś napisał :f

Tue, Sep 13th at 11:50am (6 years ago)
mcaay says:

ok w końcu się udało... xD

Tue, Sep 13th at 12:12pm (6 years ago)

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