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I'v been noticing an influx of over the top (tacky) skins so I thought I would fix up the one I'm using and share it.
It's light on resources, light on code and more of a minimal skin for those who want something a little less flashy and more refined.

1)Use the plugins and fonts included

2)Tagging files correctly will go a long way for sorting and proper display

3)Album art images should be named "cover.any format"

4)The space in the top left will display images named "artist.any format". By default it will show a "noart" image. Clicking the image will act as a play and pause button

5)Clicking the middle button\wheel on your mouse while on the playlist will stop playback

6)Install the playlist switcher using ColumnsUI>import and copy and paste the code in the txt file into the format box

7)In the PanelsUI preference page the "User Globals" box should have this-

$puts(font,AvantGarde LT Medium)
$puts(font2,AvantGarde Bk BT)

8)If it doesn't just copy and paste the above

9)I've included my reshacked exe(v0.9.4.5) but back up your original first, just in case

Ok, I think that's it..................Enjoy!!

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Comments (13)

excess says:

I don't use Foo, but this sure is sexy, I love the screen as a whole, and the FB is pretty sweet too.
Liked. =)

Tue, Nov 13th at 06:11pm (10 years ago)
motorist says:

Awesomeness ...

Wed, Nov 14th at 05:56am (10 years ago)
naalo says:

Buddha Bar = hotness!

Wed, Nov 14th at 06:58am (10 years ago)
Thinker says:

This is really nice . . . while I usual take the most minimal approach to my foobar setup, I have to try this out. When I get off work :-\

Wed, Nov 14th at 11:29am (10 years ago)
acedriver says:

clarity mod? :D

Sat, Jan 12th at 07:20pm (9 years ago)


Sun, Jan 27th at 09:52pm (9 years ago)
ohmy says:

oh man thats sexy

Sun, Jan 27th at 10:06pm (9 years ago)
Stylz says:

awesome skin love it

have a small problem view the album art on the side and on top also the info on top is all squished together hoping u can help me or anyone

Sun, Jan 18th at 04:18pm (8 years ago)
idiotek says:

love this skin for its simple yet elegant UI

Sun, Feb 22nd at 09:49pm (8 years ago)
idiotek says:

accidentally hit submit before completing the comment...

i can't get the album cover art to work. i have the following structure for my music directory:

d:\music\artist - album\artist - somesong.flac
d:\music\artist - album\cover.jpg

After trying the user globals value above, as well as other suggestions, I am yet to get the album cover art to display... any ideas?

Sun, Feb 22nd at 09:52pm (8 years ago)
Skram says:

Just found your skin and wondered if I could have a copy of the background pic separately please thanks

Sun, Dec 16th at 04:26am (4 years ago)
Skram says:

Never mind found your other post that had the details of the Wallpaper so thanks for the effort

Sun, Dec 16th at 04:45am (4 years ago)

Is there any way to get this theme to work with the latest version of foobar?

Thu, Jul 4th at 08:38pm (4 years ago)

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Created by TheProfessor
on November 13th, 2007


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