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Artist's Note

I built this off of FofR's original layout and with some help from Yotsuya.

Most questions should be answered in the included read me.


For those of you who want your playlist switcher to have the headers just go to the playlist switcher config, click "use title formatting" and add this

$strcmp(%title%,Streaming),$strcmp(%title%,Mix Tapes),$strcmp(%title%,Genre))),
$if(%isactive%,' (active'$if(%isplaying%,', playing')')',$if(%isplaying%,' (playing)'))

$rgb(140,140,140,237,237,229) '('%length%')'

now you'll be as right as rain

Comments (7)

HOPE04 says:

I tried it, and I'm just wondering about something, the album art seems to be squished on the size, is there anyway that I can adjust it? and is the album art checked by the embedded tags? or can it work by just dragging the .jpg into the main directory?

Sun, Sep 2nd at 11:01pm (10 years ago)

In the playlist panel it will draw an image based on the rows. I have updated it to better handle playlists that are not full albums or tagged properly so download it again, I think this will help you.

as for the images it draws
It searches the folder of the song for any jpg image or an image named "cover" in any format

Mon, Sep 3rd at 01:01am (10 years ago)
carmenm says:

not really fond o the wood thing but yet still beautiful. I have questions about your screenshot. What is the VS and what do you use to make the bottom bar?

Mon, Sep 3rd at 03:08am (10 years ago)

The VS is a mod of area 4.
The bottom bar are 2 desklets I made for Avedesk(the bar is the background image for both)

Mon, Sep 3rd at 05:58pm (10 years ago)
Sohi says:

howd u managed to disable the window border?
My foobar looks like this and it freaks me out^^

Fri, Sep 14th at 07:02am (10 years ago)

because you did not use the components I included

If you want to still use your version instead then you will have to add this to the main code


Sat, Sep 15th at 01:33pm (10 years ago)


I noticed that your album art is not displayed with the "NOKEEPASPECT" command. Again this is the result of you using a later version of PanelsUI. I STRONGLY suggest you us the version I have included because the newer version is buggy, uses more memory and has changes to how it handles commands

Sat, Sep 15th at 01:47pm (10 years ago)

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Created by TheProfessor
on September 2nd, 2007


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