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Artist's Note

check the readme for installation instructions, the upper left buttons switch between the layouts, compact, playlist with now playin, playlist with dropdown playlist switcher, explorer panel.

I had to delete the submisssion and reup since there seems to be a bug with editing the submission...can't update the file


Update - 290507:
Fixed some display settings in SCPL and fixed the bug that made foobar crash when closing it.
Included all 4 color versions now, though the only thing that'll change is the color of the seekbar, the other colors will change according to the VS colorscheme.

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Comments (12)

Aero says:

Clean, I dig it.

Fri, May 25th at 11:56am (10 years ago)
rotfaste says:

I like it!

Fri, May 25th at 01:01pm (10 years ago)
Pyro_ says:

Always liked it. 0.9 FB hates me though.

Fri, May 25th at 06:32pm (10 years ago)
adz_619 says:

just what we needed, looks great

Fri, May 25th at 07:06pm (10 years ago)

Looks great but the link to panels ui is down and I can't find a working link anywhere else, ideas anyone??

Fri, May 25th at 08:01pm (10 years ago)
aMADme says:

tro: check your pm

...thanx for the comments fellas and felletes ;)

Sat, May 26th at 03:31am (10 years ago)
carmenm says:

still like it :P

Sat, May 26th at 03:53am (10 years ago)
craves says:

great work, loving this one aswell.
you've got some real talent!

Sat, May 26th at 04:01am (10 years ago)
Sarah82 says:

This is really nice work. Pity I dont use foobar or Id go for this config.

Mon, May 28th at 12:33am (10 years ago)
Icithis says:

Looks good here, but I'm having issues.

1. Can't find foo_uie_wsh_panel.dll for the life of me, even that Korean site that had it doesn't anymore.
2. After following your instructions, my end product looks like

Wed, Aug 8th at 09:51am (10 years ago)
cardboard says:

excuse my noobness, but I can't seem to get the seekbar to show up for the life of me. Do you have any pointers?

Thu, Aug 9th at 04:51pm (10 years ago)
Leth3 says:

The config is great. The trackinfo in the titlebar doesn't update though. I added a $settitle at the start of the layout and its working now :)

Thu, Oct 18th at 07:51am (10 years ago)

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Created by aMADme
on May 25th, 2007


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