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Artist's Note

Made to match the recently released Lucid Rainlendar skin. Read the readme :P. The toaster plugin is needed (from ). For the track count info, you will also need the play count plugin.

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This is very cool.

Wed, Nov 9th at 07:26pm (12 years ago)
- DioS - says:

looks cool it makes me want to ry foobar

Tue, Nov 8th at 06:58pm (12 years ago)
AeonOnE says:

Dammit. Your Lucid "suite" (ha-ha!) is taking over my box. :) Cheers for this release!

Tue, Nov 8th at 07:18pm (12 years ago)

Shuper Shweet! :P

Tue, Nov 8th at 08:04pm (12 years ago)
eyn says:

Thanks for the skin and heads up for FB2K notifier, I didn't know such a thing actually exist. :p %_elapsed_time% doesn't work for my toaster, it appears as "?" after 1 second, any idea. Everything else works great! thechunkster: Thanks for the tip, it works! Sweet! btw, you should change absolute position to "bottom right" since not everyone has high resolution desktop, they might not even see the toaster

Tue, Nov 8th at 10:11pm (12 years ago)

To fix that, go to your foobar preferences -> Display options -> Check "Show dynamic info..." -> Save all -> Restart foobar :)

Tue, Nov 8th at 11:00pm (12 years ago)
ekoshyun says:

Crazy awesome dude. Is there any possible way to port this baby to Winamp5?

Mon, Nov 14th at 11:10am (12 years ago)
falanga says:

Looks great man, gonna go back from my beta to 0.8.3 to try it.

Mon, Nov 14th at 02:48pm (12 years ago)
OftenK says:

I was looking for a foobar skin with a certain look, but only expected to find something similar enough to serve my purpose. Instead, I find exactly what I envisioned. For this, you get many props.

Mon, Dec 5th at 08:40pm (12 years ago)

Thanks russellc! love your works!

question: how do make the play count thingy work? I've already installed foo_playcount (v1.7.6).... The counter still remains at "0" nomatter what.

pls help, cheers

Tue, Jan 3rd at 10:43am (11 years ago)
fearpi says:

I. Love. You.

I recently switched to foobar from Winamp because of its Unicode support. In fact, it was partly because of Jay Chow. I'm waiting for the day when there's a Lucid skin for everything.

Fri, Feb 10th at 04:40pm (11 years ago)
punksong says:

i always use foobar,i like it

Tue, Feb 21st at 04:37am (11 years ago)

Is there any update on the Toaster plugin?
Because I've just downloaded foobar and it gives an error about outdated plugin.

I'd really like to use this skin, t's awesome!, if someone can link an updated version of toaster or an older build of foobar2k.

Thu, Apr 6th at 05:08am (11 years ago)

Xenopholis, it's been stated by the creator of Toaster that he's not going to rewrite the old version of Toaster for 0.9... however that, at some point, he intends to release an improved version. A 0.8.3 build of Foobar2k can be found on filehippo. Eyn, I used %_time_elapsed% instead of %_elapsed_time%, yours didn't work. Also, after about an hour of tinkering, I seem to only have one problem, and it's with foo_playcount. Everything is telling me that in the version for 0.8.3, you use %play_counter%, but I've tried it and many variants and I still get a constant "?" output.

Fri, Jul 14th at 02:11pm (11 years ago)
taniku says:

that looks so awesome

Sun, Aug 6th at 03:21am (11 years ago)

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Created by thechunkster
on November 8th, 2005


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