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Foobar2000 Skins / foobunk (default ui/playlist string)

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Artist's Note

Copy paste to Foobar 2000 - Preferences - Title Formatting - Playlist.
Change the colors as indicated.

Screenshot shows album mode, vinyl mode (cd singles), and singles mode. How to get those lines and spaces? Add location: _:// and _://- make sure you disable "stop playback on file open errors" under preferences -> core.

How does this find out what mode to display? It shows album mode when your mp3's are in a directory called CDs. Vinyl if its on a folder called Vinyl. Shows in singles mode otherwise. How do you change this? I marked the appropriate section with comments. Learn foobar's ugly format language and figure it out. (As mojo said, theres no easy way to explain- sorry :|)

Font is Franklin Gothic Medium (comes with XP), but you're free to use any other font.

Uses (with permission) track number guessing code from "dynamic" by upNorth. Thanks buddy. ()

Comments (32)


a very nice foobar configuration that will surely be enjoyed by all who use the application.

Tue, Mar 23rd at 05:10pm (13 years ago)

download it now.

Sat, Mar 13th at 12:46pm (13 years ago)
acoustick says:

Its awesome, but im not sure if people can get theirs to look like yours.. Maybe you should have made it a bit easier to understand.?

Sat, Mar 13th at 01:16pm (13 years ago)
enfusion says:

Foobar's not configured "through regex" by the way.

Sat, Mar 13th at 06:35pm (13 years ago)
MaRZ says:


Sat, Mar 13th at 09:30pm (13 years ago)
felix says:

i wana know what font you used for that...... also i really want you to make this into a fb2k file so i can use it ;) you did a great job.. im too noob w/ foobar at this moment to get it to look like you did..

Sat, Mar 13th at 10:28pm (13 years ago)
xrance says:

cant change colors some reason, using a vs as well.

Sun, Mar 14th at 01:08am (13 years ago)
TMH says:

Great... but i cant cant get it to work right so it goes down :P

Mon, Mar 15th at 03:51pm (13 years ago)
psynapse says:

hey, i didn't know there was a fb2k section here! :)

Mon, Mar 15th at 05:52pm (13 years ago)
sryo says:

i didnt know either! :P

Sat, Apr 3rd at 04:28pm (13 years ago)
gunk says:

i saw the screenshot for this and i downloaded foobar straightaway. using it now, so much goodness in this. anyway, what does "Add location: _:// and _://-" mean?

Sat, Apr 10th at 03:40pm (13 years ago)

In your playlist, to add a space go to 'playlist > add location _://' and "_://-" is a red line.. but as he said make sure you disable "stop playback on file open errors" and also in the console, turn off 'popup on errors' ...
Also: about 30 lines down "$puts(_arrow_,8)" needs to be replaced with "$puts(_arrow_,)"

You can kind of edit the colours too.. but thats tricky...

Wed, Apr 28th at 02:49am (13 years ago)

nice config

that is the name or where can i find that visual style :)

Thu, May 13th at 01:35pm (13 years ago)
ZoaN says:

Wy dosen't this work? i have tryd and tryd but it won't work? what can i do to have this amasing playlistskin?

Sun, Jun 20th at 01:58pm (13 years ago)
seeingred says:

looks awesome. it was a wrench ditching Winamp, but here we go. Took me a while to figure out fb2k's coding but i got there. I

Sun, Aug 1st at 10:25pm (13 years ago)
disciple- says:

Looks awesome, only problem is to get it working.

Tue, Aug 3rd at 01:28pm (13 years ago)

lol i think we all need a tutorial =) (if someone is so kind enough to supply us with one ^^)

Mon, Oct 4th at 10:59pm (13 years ago)
itam1212 says:

really nice. i see ppl cant figure how to make this to work for them so I'll try to explain what i did and it worked.
I dont know foobar2000 formating so feel free to correct me...

1. press download then copy/past into your Preferance>display>title formatting>playlist

****Scroll through the code until u see: "DETERMINING FOR DISPLAY MODE,CHANGE THIS"**********

in the first line under the above change(%_path_raw%,VINAL) and (%_path_raw%, I:\)

(%_path_raw%, WHATEVER DRIVE your vinals are)


in my case all my music is in a folder called PSY in D:\ drive so i just wrote the same.

2. go to Preference>dispaly and set "user interface module" to "Default user interface".

3. go to preference>display>default user interface and change font and bckg colour etc. as wanted.

4.click "Save all" and restart foobar2000.

5. walla, should work now :)
I hope this will work for u and that some1 will find it useful.

does any1 knows how to make the track # be shown always and not every 3 tracks?!

Thu, Oct 14th at 07:05pm (13 years ago)
Frizzo says:

This is an amazing skin, but im trying to handle the configuration for almost 3 hours and i still dont get it! if someone could help !!! :(


Just understood it :)

Fri, Oct 15th at 12:46pm (13 years ago)
jones00 says:

good nice skin

Sun, Oct 17th at 08:29pm (13 years ago)
stopme says:

i cant get the lines and spaces to work. can anyone help me out ? :)

Sat, Nov 6th at 07:03pm (13 years ago)
jAnks says:

ok, first off i want to say this thing looks great. unfortunatly, im tottaly lost as to how to use it. anyone wanna tell me where that large block of code is supposed to go?

Wed, Jan 26th at 06:04am (12 years ago)

Mine looks nothing like that

Fri, Mar 11th at 10:42pm (12 years ago)
Zmoodel says:

Thanks enfusion ! This one is really good.
I works fine for me, but I'd like to know what font did you use ? Cant figure out how to make progress on Status bar too :?

Fri, Jun 24th at 05:05am (12 years ago)
cheeks_jd says:

Downloaded foobar because of this skin, and it's awesome. However, this skin will only really 'work' if the folder where your music is kept is in a proper order, that is all artists have their own folders, and within them folders the artists albums all have seperate folders, all ID3 tags are filled in correctly. Otherwise you will get some crazy album and track numbers with this skin. Other than that, it owns.

Tue, Sep 20th at 03:49am (12 years ago)
Azonic says:

sweet look, and Foobar2000 is great. Always wanted a super minimal audio player and couldn't find one til now. I have never done an ounce of code writing, editing, etc ever before, so this is taking a while to get it even close to the screen shot. You all Pwn me.

Sun, Jan 15th at 11:04am (11 years ago)
abstract says:

I have one problem with this skin. It looks like
the example in the screenshot but not the systembar. How can i change it to the example?

Wed, Jan 25th at 04:10am (11 years ago)
snub says:

Been playing around with this a bit and was able to figure some stuff out.

itam1212's instructions work so just follow them and you will be ok. If you want all the track numbers to show up then go to this line

//-- only every 3 tracks have track numbers

below that change this part -1),4),0) to this -1),1),0)

but is there a way to add a space after every album? I guess you could just add something for it after the "album mode track 1", but then does anyone know the code to inset a blank space?

Sat, Mar 25th at 07:39am (11 years ago)

I need some major assistance.

Have some issues after I got it working.

Fri, Mar 31st at 05:01pm (11 years ago)
kdp says:

this thing looks really great, however after several exhausting attempts at achieving this look i can't get it done, my mp3's are in f:\mp3's from there on its artist/album/song categorizing the playist seems to work if i just copy and paste the text but after i try to change drive letters it a ll goes to crap. if anyone could tell me how to fill in for my drives i'd be ecstatic

Thu, Aug 17th at 11:11pm (11 years ago)
jonppaa says:

Does anyone know how the Various Artists function works?!? I've got everything else working properly but i'm figuring out VA function... Is this working the same way like CDs and Vinyl functions? I've tried VA and VArious Artists folders but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Anyone who knows?

Sat, Oct 14th at 07:46am (11 years ago)
bally1971 says:

this is great, got most of it to work! one problem if anyone can help me out, be much appreciated! reset the code to incorporate "cd's & vinyl", but i lose the artists for the "singles". do i have to insert code specifically for singles. it's obviously locating the directory but not the artist names...

Sun, Jun 24th at 10:32am (10 years ago)

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