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Artist's Note

"Smew" Fluxbox style.

Icons aren't part of the Fluxbox style. If you want to use it in your Fluxbox menu, download from and scale down to 32x32.

My menu file

Licensing: the artist has specified that ports and mods are allowed.

Comments (6)

jakonj says:

this theme is great! Nice colors men ;)

p.s. you should use smaller icons in menu!

Fri, Mar 23rd at 07:23am (10 years ago)
endel says:

Thanks. Maybe I change icon size (menu item size) in the next version. I’ll think about that.

Fri, Mar 23rd at 10:16pm (10 years ago)
the dsc says:

It looks really nice!

The only thing I prefer somewhat different is the space between items on the menu, I prefer everything more tight and small, like a "detailed" list instead of "icons" in a file manager. But I've adjusted that for personal use already :)

Just one question: is there some way to have window borders but not contour line separating the titlebar from the actual window?

Because I think it's pretty cool to use this style with the underlying colorof the window background matching the color of the window title, so both become like "a single thing", in a way.

But without borders, the juxtaposition and overlap of windows looks somewhat messy, as there's no clear contour lines separating each other. But by setting a "window.border" color, then a line will also be drawn separating the window title from the actual window... :o/

1871/desktopproblemni5.jpg]this screenshot[/url] may show both what I said that was cool about not having a separation between window title and the window background, and the relative "blurriness" of the absence of an window contour. The sad think is that apparently it's not possible to have one without the other :( But I'm totally new to this thing of editing styles, anyway, so perhaps there is still hope.

Thu, Feb 28th at 04:12pm (9 years ago)
the dsc says:

>_< doh! bbcode instead of html! Sorry.

Thu, Feb 28th at 04:13pm (9 years ago)
endel says:

Thanks. And your question - I am not sure if I understand your suggestion correctly. Where do you want to have borders - around titlebar? You can edit title and buttons pixmaps and simply add borders.

Or you can use border option in style config file:

but this option define borders around every element of the window. There is an example

Sun, Mar 9th at 11:47am (9 years ago)
Corin says:

Thank you for making this themse available.

The OSX icons are no longer available as the Nekohayo Google pages no longer exists.

Also, please could you tell us the source, or at least the name of the background image.

Thu, Jan 15th at 05:48pm (8 years ago)

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Created by endel
on March 9th, 2007


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