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Artist's Note

A clean, minimal style.

Tested on Fluxbox 0.9.12. Theme may display differently with earlier versions.

For a better view of the promo, click on larger view.
To get the style, XMMS skin, and associated files, click "download."

Note that XMMS skins and Winamp skins are interchangeable.

PLEASE read the Readme file for important information about how to use this theme. In order to display the fonts correctly, this theme does not use pure black (#000000), but it is intended to give that effect. Details in the Readme.

Make sure to install the included fonts.


Licensing: the artist has specified that ports are allowed.

Comments (7)

split says:

looks nice, but the winamp skin is seriously lacking

Fri, Jan 21st at 08:57pm (13 years ago)
LTD says:

Thanks, split . . . the Winamp skin was just an experiment. I'd be very happy if someone modified it and re-released it for the theme.

NOTE: for an even thinner taskbar, edit the theme.cfg file . . . change "toolbar.height" to 9.

Fri, Jan 21st at 09:23pm (13 years ago)
Spectral says:

ahh wicked..nicest fluxbox ive seen

Fri, Jan 21st at 11:06pm (13 years ago)

as a fan of really thin titlebars and small menus i've gotta say that the thumbnailed preview looks better than the theme itself. this theme with all fonts set to arial 5/6pt bold sans hinting w/subpixel rendering would get it down to something near that size, and would look pretty damn slick

Sat, Jan 22nd at 03:59am (13 years ago)
harper says:

Hard on the eyes. Needs more work.

Sat, Jan 22nd at 09:53am (13 years ago)
chikuba says:

to big. when i'm working in my fluxbox i dont want to notice the windows and have to move them all the time. my screen seemed even smaller :(

Sun, Feb 20th at 04:38pm (12 years ago)
ViEtFOOL says:

pretty nice i'd say, i just had to change the fonts to Bitstream cause the impact was hurting my eyes, then i decreased the border width size, it made it a bit nicer.

xmms skin wasn't too good either

Sun, Apr 3rd at 09:59pm (12 years ago)

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Created by LTD
on January 21st, 2005


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