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Fluxbox / Hawke System #7

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Artist's Note

Just a little something I put together. (The screenshot sucks-ass I know. ;-p )

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First Submission. Automagic 100. Good Job, BTW.

Sat, Aug 14th at 07:27pm (13 years ago)
m0ok says:

yay, fluxbox! make more!
theres never enough fluxbox styles :D

keep it up

Fri, Aug 13th at 08:19pm (13 years ago)
Matrix says:

this would make a great gtk theme =)

Sat, Aug 14th at 09:47pm (13 years ago)
chikuba says:

very nice! i did'nt notice you made a fluxbox theme. it was very nice :)
your comments have bigger value now when i know you're in the business to ^^
it was nice when you had the buttons on the left side instead of the right. i like !

plx to some more skins. it's so lonley.

Mon, Dec 27th at 09:22pm (13 years ago)
jed says:

Great work. I like the decoration of the window style. Blend in nicely. You should use Bashish with the NeXTStep terminal theme, it would match this very nicely. Great work.

Sat, May 14th at 01:35pm (12 years ago)
LoveCraft says:


Fri, May 20th at 01:51pm (12 years ago)

Awesome! Good work.

Sun, Aug 7th at 01:13pm (12 years ago)

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Created by harper
on August 13th, 2004


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