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Name: Tom  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 8 years
Member since: March 27th, 2007
Last update: 10 years ago
Occupation: Student
Birthday: November 24th, 1992 (25 years old)
Location: Lincolnshire
Home country: England
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: arcticTransfuse
ICQ: 432660259
Software / Tools: PS CS3 StyleBuilder
Media Player: Winamp

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Interests: Music, Design, Stuff
Music: Rock, Indie, Emo
Books & Authors: JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien


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excess has posted 419 times.

372 the PLEASE revise the Popular Additions petition (another major annoyance)
Are they broken now?
I'm getting nothing showing there.
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
372 the PLEASE keep me logged in petition
Unfortunate truth. ^
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
3808 Articles and Interviews - List of application
Oh, and guys, I think we'd do well to contact Lifehacker about this. They love featuring mediocre desks of their users, so I reckon a sexy suite, a co...
Posted 9 years ago in GAIA 2008.
372 downloading themes
1. Which theme? Link us to the page.
2. Have you patched your Uxtheme.dll and read all the 'customising Windows XP' guides?

Google around for guides....
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.
372 Help with search

A well-hidden feature that didn't ever seem to get launched. Just s...
Posted 9 years ago in Customize.org.

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excess has posted 159 reviews.

Save Me Wallpack by mangosango
Hadn't seen these before. I like them though. Thanks. :]
Posted 9 years ago.
ngobikannan by ngobikannan
Posted 9 years ago.
big and cool 2 by gabb
Shit, man, I love this. Srsly.
Posted 9 years ago.
4452 by pisho
Balls. Why does OS X always have such nice rendering? D:
Posted 9 years ago.
4452 by pisho
Those fonts are all over the place, but I can't say I don't like the shot, man. Show more. Sort the fonts (but the font rendering is really great, ca...
Posted 9 years ago.

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10 years ago

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motorist says:
Hey excess ... throw as another bone dude!
Thu 13th Dec, 11:19am