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372 How many Loves / Likes you have?
I just got my first "love" today. I'm very proud now. :)
Posted 10 years ago in Customize.org.

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Screencap 11.01.11 by ethsza
Imrik: which icons? I'd love to customize the tray icons, I'd rather not customize the application icons in taskbuttons so that I don't have to reshac...
Posted 7 years ago.
Screencap 2010 October by ethsza
It's done with True Launch Bar.
Posted 7 years ago.
Screencap 2010 May by ethsza
Posted 7 years ago.
Nagy Vasarcsarnok TiltShift by NinjaKiller
Nagyon klassz kép, és mindig irigyeltem azokat, akik tudnak tiltshiftelni.
Posted 7 years ago.
Screencap 2010 JANUARY by ethsza
@aksunam: I'm glad you like it. Actually I didn't mean to make it Gnomeish, however I never really wanted to emulate any OS strictly rather use elemen...
Posted 7 years ago.

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Screencap 2011 April
6 years ago

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othum says:
Boldog Uj evet kivanok... :D
Mon 24th Dec, 11:45am