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Slackware Screenshot 2014 by eXpander_
DE: KDE 4.12.3
Posted 3 years ago.
Slackware Desktop by eXpander_
Oh, and btw, NO, you cant use Compiz on Fluxbox.
Posted 6 years ago.
Slackware Desktop by eXpander_
Thank you. I will upload my config soon, but I will tell you when it is done!
Posted 6 years ago.
Tron-like desktop by eXpander_
Linux Yes We Can! :)
Posted 6 years ago.
FootBall (but in Canada we call it soccer) by canuckken
I like the color tones of this one. Nice work :)
Posted 6 years ago.

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Greyish Fluxbox Ed...
3 years ago

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