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Din, Lisbon, Portugal, Illustrator
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Name: Din  Male
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 9 years
Member since: December 21st, 2007
Last update: 9 years ago
Occupation: Illustrator and Wine Consumer
Birthday: September 11th, 1980 (37 years old)
Location: Lisbon
Home country: Portugal
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: [email protected]
ICQ: 98315195
Current Projects: iDO.ink & Reactivo Estúdio Design (RED)
System: Mac OS X Leopard
Software / Tools: Adobe CS3 and Inkscape
Media Player: iTunes

dinfernandes' Favorite Things

Interests: Photograph, Music, Tattoos, Drunk Soccer, Billiards, Snooker, Darts, Old Cultures, The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, Ubuntu, Linux for human beings, E.S.C.S. (my sweet high school), Design, Some Books and Maluv (the cosmic grrl).
Music: Seether; Foo Fighters; Collide; Toranja; 311; Weezer; Rage Against The Machine; Sade; Archive; (hed) P.E.; Fugazi; All Cavalera Stuff; Mobile; Explosions in the Sky; Molotov; Gojira; Nailbomb; Doll Flash; Jorge Ben, Old Shoe Box; Helmet; God Is an Astronaut; Gipsy Kings; Bebel Gilberto; Taproot; Air; Jerry Cantrell; Mastodon; Ultramar; Crowbar; Sevendust; Morphine; Staind; Chevelle; Natasha Bedingfield; Jonah Matranga; David Fonseca; Onelinedrawing; Jamie Cullum; Day One Symphony; Head Automatica; Dorival Caymmi; Fantomas; Paulson; Cascadura; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Peeping Tom; Paulson; Bad Brains; Fear Factory; Fugees; Alice In Chains; Soundgarden; Slayer; Sepultura; Tom Jobim; Bad Religion; Biohazard; Korn; Adorno; Shelter; Jamiroquai; Zero 7; Nailbomb; Massive Attack; Lenora; Meshuggah; Sigur Rós; Tool; Machine Head; Soulfly; Radiohead; Marvin Gaye; Rival Schools; Iron Maiden; The Cure; SOD; Quinteto Tati; Vision Of Disorder; Information Society; Duran Duran; Paradise Lost; Sting & The Police; Volta Do Mar; Eagles of Death Metal; Ill Niño; Amy Winehouse; The Who; Carlos Santana; Puya; The Smashing Pumpkins; Peeping Tom; Pimps; Udora; Depeche Mode; All Mike Patton Stuff; From Monument to Masses; Mr. Bungle; dredg; Rebeca Matta; Lionel Richie; O Quadro; System Of A Down; At The Drive-In; Led Zeppelin; Linch; Los Hermanos; Nação Zumbi; The Mars Volta; Pantera; Deftones; George Michael; Keane; Raimundos; Incubus; Mundo Livre S/A; Otto; Calafrio; Sheik Tosado; Porno; Max de Castro; Norah Jones; Ben Harper; Portishead; Guns N' Roses; Goldfrapp; The Dillinger Escape Plan; Flávio Venturini; Bob Marley; Jesu; Finch; Far; Lauryn Hill; Tomahawk; Orgy; Queens Of The Stone Age; Lisergia; Faith No More; Wilco; Primus; Boy Hits Car; The Killers; Jonah Matranga; Onelinedrawing; Jethro Tull; The Gift; A Perfect Circle...
Films & Directors: Czech Dream(Czech), Vanilla Sky(USA), Man Of The Year (Bra), City Of God (Bra), Tarantino's Movies (USA), The Untouchables (USA) and others.
TV Shows: Dexter

About dinfernandes

I have no sympathy, can't make no friends, can't dance at all, I have never gone to jail, have never hit somebody without a reason. I still ain't got what I want, I still don't know for sure what I want. I hate tip-offs and onions too. I like no parties.

I like no slacks jeans, yet... I'm still a fucking ''poser''. I dont go to the theater, dont know no shit about surreal paintings, neither about modern art, but still I have not the wish to do it so. I ain't no sensible, no educated fool. I hate filthy and also raw meat.


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