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Artist's Note

I am not the original author of this theme.

Thanks must go to Adam Solley for the original graphics.

Thanks definately go to Alpha-Omega as the author of this theme I modified. Permissions are listed in the permissions eml txt file (along with permission from MikeB314) included within the theme.

The matching Logon theme for this can be found here -->

This modification of a fantastic theme by Alpha-Omega now has 6 terminal screens.
All links in the Sub-Menus are text links and very easily changed to suit your applications and needs etc.
The Media Player Terminal has been totally redesigned with all new graphics(Courtesy of Adam Solley).
The Spectrum animation can be toggled on or off.
Also the Top and Bottom Bars have been lightened for a better look.

Okay... As you can see by the screenshot there are 6 terminals.

First - The Main Terminal, which gives you access to the 5 other terminals, all with appropriate animations and sound effects has been upgraded to include two more buttons accessing the two additional terminal screens from the original version.

Second - The Programs Terminal, where you access all favorite programs from the new Menu Systems and folders, including drives has had some changes to the mouse-over texting in the pop-up menus. All links are text based and are easily changed.

Third - The brand new control panel replacement terminal has buttons to replace all of your control panel icons and utilizes some pretty cool mouse-over popups for each of them. Hard to explain... you will just have to see. There are no modifications needed on your part for this terminal to work right out of the box with exception of the nvidia button unless you use that too.

Fourth - The brand new diagnostic terminal allows you to do level 1 - level 5 diagnostics which actually are Defrag - System Restore - Disc CLeanup - MS COnfig and Registry Editor. Also utilizing some fairly cool mouse-over effects. There are no modifications needed on your part for this terminal to work right out of the box.

Fifth - Is the Media Player. This is fantastic work and received no changes from me. Don't fix it if it ain't broke :)

Last but not least, The Shutdown Terminal. This screen gives you the options to Shutdown, Reboot, Log-off or Cancel and return to the main terminal and has some new voice sounds to go with the theme.

No matter which terminal is accessed a Topbar and Bottombar are always visible, which include a System Tray, Taskbar, System CPU and RAM Meters. The ACCESS text (start menu access) and the words in the topbar have been removed to prevent monitor screen burning.

You will definately need to update many links to work on your computer just like any other theme you would download.

I have included a fairly complete sound scheme for you to enjoy, it is inside the theme file. You will need to rename the file to a .zip to retrieve it. I trust you know how to impliment that.

The LCARS font included is of course critical and included in the file as well.

This theme works amazing if you have a multi-monitor setup because you can set all but the main terminals to open on the other monitor and always have access tot he main.

I apologize that this theme is only in 1280x1024 but I use it on dual 19 inch Samsung LCD monitors and it is best as is.

If you want the complete Trek experience, get a sweet little prog called Audiomatic from WiseRiddles and you will be able to talk to your computer and it will act. I use it and it workd great.

The next update will include a brand new terminal to access all of the computer Administrative Functions. (comming soon).


Comments (11)


Long note, huge preview, nice mod work.

Sat, Feb 25th at 10:43pm (11 years ago)

Very nice skin, but it'd be good to get a 1024x768 version

Sun, Mar 12th at 10:04pm (11 years ago)
efexor says:

Really imprest you should be my teatcher....

Sun, Apr 2nd at 04:01pm (11 years ago)
jtkerry says:

It looks impressive, but I must admit I'm a novice in deploying it. I downloaded the versions from MikeSteve (MikeB314), which work fine. But I like the detail from Flack_Jacket. Can anyone help?

Sun, Oct 22nd at 04:58pm (11 years ago)
dwojr says:

someone please help, i downloaded the zip and extracted the files but i cant install the program. thanks

Tue, Jan 9th at 10:05pm (10 years ago)

WOW! This is pretty cool!
Great job.

Fri, Jan 19th at 09:01pm (10 years ago)

Can you please post instructions on how to install this theme, or if not please send them to my e-mail at thanks.

Tue, May 1st at 03:48am (10 years ago)

same here can't install. says needs exe file

Thu, Oct 18th at 12:34pm (10 years ago)

Hi would someone please issue the instructions on how to install this theme or please send it to e-mail at

Sat, Jun 7th at 09:38pm (9 years ago)
matrix86 says:

I tried to install this theme, but I got a message saying that this is not a valid DesktopX theme (even though it's a DesktopX file which can only be opened in DesktopX). Any suggestions on what to do?

Thu, Jun 25th at 08:21pm (8 years ago)
socom45 says:

Your LCARS screens are Exactly what I have been searching for !!! One problem, I have tried every way I could think of after downloading the appropriate files and...Nothing. Currently I'm using another LCARS type from but it's nowhere near what yours shows and provides. It does however just require downloading the zip files and they know where to go without figuring where to send what or how to send it. If you might be able to visit that site, it may help many of us that are stuck unless someone can provide expicit details of how to properly install this set-up. I'm running a Compac Presario laptop with Vista Home Premium, 2 AMD 64 Athlon processors, Nividia graphics card and 2 Gigs of SSDDR Ram (The Max it would allow) CAN ANYONE HELP...PLEASE ?? I REALLY WANT TO ISTALL THIS VERSION OF LCARS !!! Many Thanx. E-mail is

Fri, Feb 19th at 10:31pm (7 years ago)

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Created by Flack Jacket
on February 25th, 2006


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