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Artist's Note

Made to go with Mike Bryant's fantastic theme--Tronnix. I love this theme so much that I planned to creat a cursor set for it. After getting the permission from Mike, now present you with Tronnix Cursors. Hope you like it.

Thx Mike for his permission and support!

Permission zipped in theme file and also can be seen by clicking the "i" button in CXP control panel.

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Comments (7)


Pretty cool looking cursor. Nice work.

Sun, Jun 12th at 02:25am (12 years ago)

really well done cursor, i wouldnt be able to use it myself. but it does look good.

Sat, Jun 11th at 07:31pm (12 years ago)

EXCELLENT Cursor file. Love the animation.

Mon, Apr 17th at 09:02pm (11 years ago)
tham says:

super !!! cursors !!!

Tue, Jun 6th at 02:33pm (11 years ago)

I would use this but I have no idea which ones to replace them with as the names are not standard for Vista like....
Normal select, Help select, working in background etc... See Cursor called "XYLINDEIN IMPULSE" for a perfect example.

Thu, Dec 27th at 04:47pm (10 years ago)
fraster says:

COOL it flips over!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Fri, Jan 18th at 05:39pm (10 years ago)

i luv it im using it rite now lil space ship lmao

Sat, Jan 9th at 11:20am (8 years ago)

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Created by yingjunjiu
on June 11th, 2005


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