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Codename2 / cube²

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Artist's Note

The first part of the revisited cube suite.

cube² icons

128 version for XP users
48 version of 2d and 3d
png version for dock use
26 icons in 2d and 3d

brought to you by Imrik

4 Impressions corp.


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Comments (8)


crazy colors

Mon, Jun 9th at 03:39pm (14 years ago)
hash says:

I have always been a fan of your work imrik, and I have all your old icons on my harddrive, so I descided to give these a look see, and man, you have come quiet a long way. These not only look wonderful, the colors are quiet intresting but thats your style. Very nice man, and again its awesome that you're back.

Mon, Jun 9th at 08:57am (14 years ago)
Imrik says:

oh people. why not something different from white minimalism. no offense or jellousy. NO. that´s ok. AND that´s why i write comments are welcome. because i need feedback, as everyone should deserve for his work (EVEN IF ITS JUST "THROWN TOGETHER") But give those a try with a 3dcc or a fitting VS. some colour!! I will do a colour pack all right licstyle? it is still in progress with the rest of the suite so you don´t have to make extra work... but if you want to. DO IT! UPDATE:: What´s up with me. I forget stuff. School isn´t good for me. All right. New try. Give me some hours and you will get the colour pack!

Mon, Jun 9th at 09:51am (14 years ago)

hate colors. love icons. rls a color set for the rest of us :>

Mon, Jun 9th at 10:34am (14 years ago)
bean-inc says:

, a very impressive style but the colors are .. hm dunno what to say ... they are alil bit out of place .. but i want that icon pack :D (plz include a blue version into your coming pack :))

Mon, Jun 9th at 02:16pm (14 years ago)
shocks says:

nice icons.. personally the best you have made to date

Mon, Jun 9th at 02:42pm (14 years ago)
hermik says:

what shocks said. and they would have been perfect if you would use transparency - but I know how much work that is.

Mon, Jun 9th at 03:06pm (14 years ago)
G2K says:

nice Imrik ... colors are to heavy for me but I like the idea.

Thu, Jul 12th at 03:39am (10 years ago)

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Created by Imrik
on June 9th, 2003


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