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Name: Chip Pendergraft 
Status: Icon_inactive Inactive for 7 years
Member since: December 1st, 2001
Location: Greensboro, NC
AIM: chip1270
Current Projects: banging your mom
Media Player: Sonique/winamp3

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453 superbowl picks
man, did you not see that carolina rams game? the panthers are fucking on fire. if they dont fuck around and get so many penalties in the next game th...
Posted 14 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Best File Sharing App
es5 has no malicious code i believe. there was some debate about something in the search feature, but if you get the new version thats all been remove...
Posted 14 years ago in General Discussion.
453 elliott smith killed himself.
dude thats so sad. he was one of the like five truly talented single persons still alive. and he stabbed himself...jesus. although one can't say this...
Posted 14 years ago in General Discussion.
453 Kitchen Mutations
my friend used to eat ketchup on everything. ketchup on his salad, for instance, and ketchup and bannana sandwhiches.
Posted 14 years ago in General Discussion.
453 5 finger fillet
2590. do you feel ill from cutting off fingers or from staring at the computer for too long?
Posted 14 years ago in General Discussion.

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Satisfaction144 Step 10 by satisfaction144
yeah. its gonna fuck you over.
Posted 14 years ago.
dont cry for me argentina by downtown08
purty. have you seen the video for star guitar? its badass.
Posted 14 years ago.
nonstep by jromo
yes, thank you for making this, i was digging the style, but the orange was killing me.
Posted 14 years ago.
XPlode1 by nICEmATT
thats a pretty good job there...
Posted 14 years ago.
.dreamers by LimiT
its my stylin
Posted 14 years ago.

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