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A Fantastic Advancement to the DSTT Card To the Nintendo Ds Lite

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Cartridges labeled as Nintendo ds lite cards weight reduction newer r4i sdhc cards were first created to let users for these Nintendo handheld consoles play available games, but music and movies as well. A number of newer DS cards carry being able to play a myriad of homebrew software in the process as know how to read PDFs and eBooks. The DSTT was among the first cards ever to be produced for those Nintendo ds lite and DS Lite, and hence was a popular topic. It was totally free card to ever be produced behind the famous R4 card, otherwise better-known as the R4v2 or the R4-0815.

The DSTT was the best ever r4 ultra to utilise the "games-menu" system in its graphical user interface. Rather then making the consumer pick from three options at a startup menu screen, the DSTT card would simply display the all the multimedia files and games right away upon loading. This gave users opporutnity to quickly and effectively select what we planned to use on their Nintendo DS console. Such an experience less good for advanced users who may wish to use their DS for other uses possibly Game Boy Advance emulator and similar matters, but great for basic users or gaming enthusiasts who play in the same particular games (or media) regularly.

The DSTT has very creative dimensional control, and slightly lighter in comparison to the original R4 card. Failure rates on the DSTT can be low as shown in the review conducted by GBATemp in 2007 once the DSTT was first released. Such R4 card, the DSTT initially used a spring mechanismi to keep the Acekard 2 in the console, but immediately after months if your manufacturers realised this increased the failure rates of an cards, they begun to choose to push-slot instead, which worked quite well because there has been fewer mechanical components on the card that might fail.

Given that Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles were released, the DSTT team has released a sister card called the DSTTi which is suitable for the newer Nintendo consoles as well as. This kind of, the DSTT still enjoys firmware support to this day as it can use the same firmware that our DSTTi uses.

03:22 am, Friday, October 22, 2010 (7 years ago)

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