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SSC just going great.

egolatra says:

Well, the submissions started yesterday (april 20) and many of them (all indeed) are impressive. Lets take a look by chronological order (the list will be updated if necessary)

aakio & akka were the first to submit their SS aakio went for retro & akka for the stylish. Both are so damn sweet:

SSC07 retro setup

ssc07: desperation...

Then kinetx, vsm & nitzua came with their screens. Kinetx made a great JPN shot, vsm did a great job still when he said "I don't have time for more"... BS! that was a sexy desk. Nitzua made one of the two most unique shots of this contest (imo).

ssc07: japan07


SSC07: Sign Here

Sexyboy made a pretty minimal setup, everything looks so clean in there. Nunch came with a setup with some charming caption buttons and Bero, well he took a classic SS, mixed it and made it look awesome. Crazylegs used some color accents in it's SS pretty well.


ssc07: Hurumph



Duskt showed us a great color scheme. 09wkd did a lovely setup, i know, i'm a sucker for light shots :P Neodude submitted his shot, and despite the sins he made in there it's a great setup. Then came Thermoptic, creativity, unique, what else? I love that kind of SS and the effort that it include.

SSC // 07 Sedusa

Bright Light 07

SSC'07 // A ghost ...


Doneld made a cool VS for this contest, so MAD did. One is blue, other is golden, i'm willing to use both. Then came an ass to ruin this contest. Damn it.


Bite It!

SSC'07 feat. OrbiTilt

Capz did a sexy ss, no really, those colors are just sexy. Cyantific took it's chiral VS and made it look even prettier; enspia also joined to the party and UAC Marine made the smoother ss of the whole contest.

SSC07 - Drilling(R...

SSC07: Chimera

SSC07: Silver Side Up

SSC'07 // SILK

Damn the contest is going so great.

Thanks to:
Mark for his help in this contest (also to darksheer for the tshirts :P) for al the contestants and of course for everybody who's voting!


08:46 am, Saturday, April 21, 2007 (10 years ago)
cthu1hu says:

very sad that it's over. that was awesome.

10:45 pm (10 years ago)
doneld says:

cool chart ego! great job :)

03:47 am (10 years ago)
egolatra says:


09:39 am (10 years ago)

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